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Cleaning company with ethics at heart, aiming to improve sub-standard industry practices


85 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LT

About The London Ethical Cleaning Company

The London Ethical Cleaning Company is all about improving the quality of the service you receive by improving the pay and conditions of our workforce.

Cleaning shouldn't be too cheap. If it is, there's something wrong somewhere…

We want to make cleaning better for everyone.

Our Code of Ethics has evolved from many years of first-hand experience working within the cleaning industry. Our experiences have shown us that it is not uncommon to find an array of poor practice including illegal labour, modern slavery, poor working conditions with no rights or recourse to the law, shortchanging of customers, overcharging clients and poor treatment of an easily overlooked workforce.

Having seen things done the wrong way, we know how it ought to be.

That's why, all of our staff and operatives are paid at, or above, the Living Wage Foundation's recommended wage for London. Our carefully chosen partners all either follow, or are implementing, our ethical principles.

Wherever possible we use ethically produced, green and sustainably sourced products. We are aware that in certain circumstances this may not be possible, so when we may have to use something a bit harsher, we’ll have made sure the supply chain is as sound as possible.

In addition to being well paid, our cleaners are fully trained to both safely and effectively use all equipment and cleaning materials provided to them. Each member of our team is fully vetted to ensure they have the right to work in the UK and, where required, DBS certification.

Our employees’ health and safety is our foremost concern, so we will always give them the necessary training and information they need to stay safe whilst at work. We can provide you with full details of the chemicals used in our COSHH and material safety data sheets when requested.

We believe that a commitment to safety and good training makes for better cleaners and happy clients