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Little Red Frog Designs was brought to life out of the need to be creative. I would crochet for friends and family, but didn't think that I could make a business from it. Of course 2020 came along and turned everything upside down. 

I was working as a self employed Administrative Assistant and my contract was not extended when the lockdown came. Speaking to friends and family I was encouraged to try to market my skill. As I had already been self employed I knew what was expected.

So with their encouragement I focused on the things I liked making, wearables. By looking at what are popular accessories in other areas I could translate that to my business.  As well, today so many people have come to recognise the quality and durability in handmade goods and most want to get away from disposable clothing - clothing bought cheap because it is made in mass quantities by cheap labour.

My hope is to expand my range, I've already got plans for the seasons ahead and beyond.  I do use local suppliers as much as possible and tend to use small businesses whenever I can. You must support to be supported.

If you are looking for a small gift for a friend, family member or just to treat yourself come have a look at my shop. It might be small now but we are looking to the future and see great things in store!


Little Red Frog Designs