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Carlton - le - Moorland, Lincoln

About Scarlet Impressions

Artistic pendants & marbles
Compassionate memorial service
Eco-conscious products & delivery

I'm Scarlet and I'm a lampwork glass artist. I create from rods of coloured glass by melting it in the flame then I squash, pull or roll the semi molten glass into different shapes to creating a range of beautiful and durable jewellery, collectable art and decor. 

Borosilicate is know for it's durability and stunning reactive colours, fully kiln annealed to ensure longevity.

Warning! Stunning glass may cause spontaneous conversation with strangers.


Memorial items - For those suffering from loss sometimes they can find comfort in keeping a part of their loved one or pet with them. The memorial range combines cremation ashes with glass in beautiful galactic designs to be worn or for in the home.

Straws and Stirrers - An eco-conscious alternative to plastic and hygienic option for any home, or business that provides drinks. Made from high quality borosilicate glass the straws and stirrers are all temperature resistant, dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Pendants and Marbles - When I began working with glass I learnt to make pendants and marbles. This helped me develop the techniques I use today and while my main product ranges have changed I still create one of a kind pendants and marbles to continue learning and embrace my creativity.

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