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Specialising in social media, copywriting and comms

About Tabby Tiger

You know you and your business are Fab with a capital F, but if your comms lack clout and clarity your potential customers will go elsewhere.

Well hello there! I’m Vicky, and I describe myself as a ‘jack of all trades’ having previously worked in roles which encompassed press, PR, marketing, customer service, social media, brand management, sponsorship and events. This has given me a wide range of skills and experience, so I will be able to look at a range of ways to communicate with your target audience to suit your budget, however small.

Helping people on their path to success is my motivation, so my aim in setting up as a freelancer is to support passionate people promote their businesses so they flourish, grow and meet their aspirations. I’m especially keen to work with people who aren’t just driven by profit, but love what they do and how their products or services help to improve or enrich the lives of their customers or clients.

I generally say I'm a marketeer, strategically helping people connect with their customers, but my specialist areas are...

- Copywriting with clout...written with your brand and audience in mind

- Savvy social media...engaging content on the right channels, at the right time

- Clear comms...less faff, more visibility