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Choose a fiction book based on 4 words

About The Blind Date Book Company

My name is Katy. I am the founder/owner/wrapper/4 word finder of my Business The Blind Date Book Company.

Alot of people ask "What is a Blind Date Book?":

A blind date book is a fiction book wrapped up using brown paper and ribbon and using a dymo embosser label maker i choose 4 words to describe the book. You choose the book based on just these 4 words and therefore you are not 'judging a book by its cover'. 

Each book comes with a tea or coffee bag (we also have hot chocolate and herbal teas) and a love letter explaining the concept. 

I sell preloved and new books and also gift boxes. 

I currently sell my Blind Date Books through my online ETSY shop - but im hoping to try and get them into some high street independent gift shops this year. 

I have attended some local Vintage and handmade fairs and also the Shrewsbury Food Festival and i have been overwhelmed with the positive response from members of the public who love the concept. I have some more events lined up around the Christmas period.  

I am currently the only company in the UK selling Blind Date Books. 

Thanks for reading. Head over to my website and follow me on social media via all my linkys! 

Katy aka QUEEN OF 4 WORDS!