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Here at Tin of Gin we are just one of many gin lovers out there, However we were fed up of having to buy lots of bottles of gin unsure if we were going to like it.... how best to drink it ..... and what else other then tonic it could be mixed with.

Although not a bad thing we ended up with dozens of bottles of gin hanging around and the excitement of trying a new gin soon started to ware.

So whilst a gin was in hand and my brain under the influence..... Tah Dah!! Tin of gin was born!

We thought why can we not have a taster of the gins out there, an online blog to follow with information of each gin and how best to drink it, information on new gins being born and ideas and recipes for gin based cocktails - and everything else gin!

Our tins are also the perfect gift to bring pleasure to any gin lover, and lets be honest every household has one- you will sure be remembered as the best present giver!