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Undressing gender stereotypes in clothing & giving little girls more choice. Because girls like dinosaurs, monsters & robots too! Also encouraging outdoor play and learning.

About Climbing Trees

Climbing Trees

Giving little girls more choice. . . Because girls like dinosaurs, monsters and robots too!

Climbing Trees undresses gender stereotypes with a palette of bold colours and motifs usually found in the boys aisle for its range of girls t-shirts. The brand was borne out of frustration when its co-founders struggled to find clothes in the girls’ aisles to suit a dinosaur-loving, football-mad, super-hero-worshipping girl.

Graphic clothes featuring dinosaurs, football, robots, monsters and superheroes are still reserved for "Boys Only" and kept in the 'boys aisle' with 'boys' tags on them. Indeed, finding any of those traditionally male motifs on a girls t-shirt is practically impossible. And yet it is through these kind of graphic t-shirts that children express their love for something.

When Cheryl Rickman's six year old daughter asked the question: “how come boys get all this cool stuff and girls don't?" The pair considered writing to the supermarkets but instead decided to do something about it to create their own solution to the problem - and Climbing Trees Girs was born.

In response, Climbing Trees has created a range of bright and bold clothes which let girls be themselves and not feel they have to conform to limited definitions provided in the 'girls aisles'. Because girls like dinosaurs, monsters and robots too!

What’s more, because the Climbing Trees team likes trees (and climbing them), a percentage of profit from each t-shirt sold goes to The Woodland Trust to plant more of them.

Whilst Cheryl and her daughter are on a mission to empower little girls by giving them more choice and creating products to empower them; the Climbing Trees Girls (Ava, Maxi & B) have their own mission: to encourage families and children to GET OUTDOORS MORE, to play and learn outside.

Launching May 2015
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