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Glove Poppit, a drying rack for the home.

About Character Lines Ltd

Where do you keep your household gloves? Are they always in the way and wet when you put them back on?

My partner Graham and I designed the Glove Poppit in our kitchen to find a home for our wet kitchen gloves that were always draped over the sink. We discovered the home made device worked and kept the gloves dry and that it could be used for other things. So we went on to design and then have manufactured the Glove Poppit. It has been on sale with Lakeland since January 2016.

The Glove Poppit is now a finalist in the Housewares Innovation Awards which we are excited about. The finals are in February 2017. 

We have moved manufacturing to the UK so we can now say Made in the UK. 

We we now have multiple Glove Poppits around our home. In the kitchen we use them to dry and store our gloves, washed drinking bottles, washed plastic food bags and also jam and piping bags. 

In the shed we use a Glove Poppit to dry our gardening gloves. 

We recently discovered that we can dry our swimming caps on a Glove Poppit and someone also sent us a photo of a washed out paint roller drying on their Glove Poppit. The list is getting much longer for uses for the Glove Poppit.