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We use probiotic products to safeguard workplaces, hospitals, schools and residential buildings from the threat of Covid.


34 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Essex CM15 8LB

About ST Extreme Cleaning

ST stands for Sam and Tom. We are twins and love working together to make your premises extremely clean and safe for you to continue to work throughout this pandemic. We chose the name ‘Extreme cleaning’ as we wanted customers to know that you never have to be embarrassed when you employ us to clean your premises, as we enjoy extreme cases, the dirtier the better, as then the results are more rewarding. Not even ‘Trainspotting Toilets’ bother us!

Extreme also applies to where you want us to clean whether that’s in a skyscraper or underground, we don’t mind. We operate mostly in Essex and London, but we are happy to travel.

We clean extreme by using ‘green products’ which often comes as a surprise as our customers report they never thought it could be this clean without using chemicals. We use probiotic products that harness the power of nature to give you a cleaner, greener, safer working environment.

We clean hospitals, care homes, offices, industrial sites such as factories and warehouses, schools and colleges and our latest is cricket clubs.