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Unique, handmade, elegant silk scarves, marbled by me in Norfolk, UK

About Marbled Beauty

Hello, I’m Anne Hickley and Marbled Beauty is my brand for beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind wearable art in the form of long silk scarves and wraps (as well as occasional other products such as glasses cases, tote bags and ties ). The marbling process is a mono-printing technique which means that from each application of paints onto the surface of the marbling bath you can only take a single print. That means that every scarf is genuinely unique – really and truly one of a kind. I use both inks and acrylic paints to create my scarves, on silk and other natural fibres, available on my website.

I've crafted my entire life (well, from as early as I could hold a paintbrush or pen) and creating gives me so much joy, which I hope I can spread to others. I am inspired by beauty - whether that be in nature (including the marbled beauty moth that the I named this business for), architecture, art or museum pieces.

I have rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disease), which has somewhat curtailed previous crafting activities (such as crochet, which was causing too much pain in the hands)  and limits this one a bit now and then too, but I stay positive and concentrate on the good and the beautiful things in life. I still crochet occasionally, and also do botanical painting and hand and free machine embroidery.