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Individual Affordable Handmade Jewellery using Seaglass from Argyll

About Argyllseaglass


After moving to Cove in Argyll & Bute on the West Coast of Scotland to deal with Maries' Mental Health problems, we started taking daily walks on the many amazing beaches & Lochs that surround this beautiful area as a way of helping with Maries therapy and found that it worked in helping Marie forgetting about her PTSD, depression & anxiety problems for a short while.
Marie started collecting the many different beautiful colours of sea glass, shells & pottery that had been naturally tumbled by the sea over years,decades and sometimes even centuries 
As with many people with Mental Health problems, Marie suffered a big relapse & after some excellent treatment with the Drs & PCT team, Marie decided one day to try & make a necklace using some sea glass, and we both quickly realised how talented Marie was. I also noticed from a personal view how at peace Marie was with herself when she was making jewellery and Hey Presto ARGYLLSEAGLASS was born.
We are a lucky couple as we love each others company and spend 24hrs, 365 days a year together so working, living and caring for each other makes it easy for us. I (Mike) run all the social media, websites, emails, advertising etc & Marie handcrafts all the jewellery after the laborious task of sorting sea glass (which can take hours) into the beautiful pieces you see on sale.
Marie can custom make any piece of jewellery using seaglass within reason. Please use the contact form or get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook using @Argyllseaglass .
Many thanks for reading our story and helping us to #EndMentalHealthStigma
Mike & Marie xXx