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I was made redundant over 10 years ago and as I had already been diagnosed with Parkinsons I found it hard to find employment at a similar level. I was left wondering what to do with all this spare time. Although I was employed as a business advisor my degree is in fine arts and fashion - with an emphasis on 1940's and 50's fashion. I also studied Tailoring at college and so I have literally made all of my own clothes all of my life.

I also realised that I have a wealth of sewing knowledge and qualifications which would be wasted unless I found a way of passing it on to other people. Someone flippantly told me to start a blog, I had no idea what blogging was but decided to give it a go. I was totally unprepared for how successful my blog turned out to be.

Then one day I took my sewing machine down to Jaycotts in Chester who I have shopped with for over 30 years and they too thought it an excellent idea so I became their blogger too and use equipment provided by them.

I strongly believe in preserving our traditional crafts, sewing is just one - there are many more crafts no longer taught in schools . Sewing is ethical and I try to use ethically sourced fabrics wherever possible, it can be passed on through generations just as my Grandmother first taught me.   People can use it to save money and to make money, the list of benefits is endless.

Mental health is much discussed, and sewing does help with that too plus the concentration required and the skill needed even for just reading and understanding a pattern is proven to keep the brain active.

But it can all be summed up by the huge grin on your face when somebody says "I love your dress" and you reply "Thanks, I made it "