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About Irregular Artistry

In February of 2020, I began making plans to return to work. My youngest son was now over a year old, and although I was  enjoying being a stay at home mum, I felt I needed to earn an income to help support our family of five. As a qualified Eyelash Technician, I was planning to build a business, take further training, and work hard to improve our families prospects. I am Mum to three busy boys. My eldest, a teenager who has Autist Spectrum Condition, and struggles to feel like he fits into this world. My middle son who has Trichotillomania, and Sensory Processing Issues, which can cause him some difficulties also. And my youngest, a toddler who loves to climb almost as much as he likes to night feed. My husband spent most of the year at sea, working in the Royal Navy. Sometimes with no communication, because they had to go radio silent. In February we began to hear about a virus spreading throughout countries worldwide. The exent to which it would impact our lives was still unknown, however I knew it was unlikely that I would get my business up and running. Things very quickly changed as the reality of the pandemic became clear. Everyday life became increasingly difficult. Like many others, my anxiety and PTSD were triggered, by the relentless messages of fear in the media. Isolation left me spiralling into severe depression, although I wouldn't let anyone know it at the time. In between homeschooling I began to watch lots of videos of people creating, and it made me happy to see what they were achieving.  I started to think about all the things I had made over the years and even shared some photos on social media. I began to recieve requests to make things, which gave me a great sense of pride. I was almost instantly commissioned to make gifts for clients of a local charity. My work was even written about in the local newspaper. I took my new found enthusiasm for crafting, and decided to approach a local craft tutor and shop owner about stocking my products. I was delighted when they agreed to sell my work. Very soon after, I was asked to work for a non profit organisation  teaching people to create the things I had learnt to make. So many positive events started, when I began to follow my passion. All within six months of start up. I have since gone on to join the Heartizan Team, who have helped me to become an award winning business. And now I am a MIB Leader, and mentor other women in business.