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Steph Savill - determined to make motoring services more female friendly

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Steyning, West Sussex

About Steph Savill Ltd

I'm Steph Savill, married and working in Sussex. My early career was spent in educational travel then leisure. My MBA made me unemployable so I went solo as a Chartered Marketer with strategic and communications strengths. After my stepdaughter had a bad garage experience I did my homework and found that most of the motor industry isn't regulated, that many females felt intimidated in garages/car showrooms and yet the number of (wealthy, independent, influential and fussy) women drivers was about to equal that of men on UK roads. So, in 2004 I set up a motoring club for women to bridge this gap, called FOXY Lady Drivers Club, designed to improve services for motoring Mums and daughters like me, across the UK.

The Club is now run on a not for profit basis, funded by a network of FOXY Lady Approved garages and car dealers we approve, promote as female friendly ahead of others and monitor this via female feedback.

I am still actively involved in both areas of the business as well as a small insurance service we provide for women drivers. I also run Steph Savill Ltd which is a consultancy service for automotive businesses who want to pick my brains about marketing to women. Usually they want to be female friendly employers, to attract talented female staff that remain oblivious to the many fantastic careers on offer.

All this keeps me very busy and whilst I love my work, an award like #QueenOf Motoring For Women is a lovely pat on the back - both as a generous acknowledgement of my work and as a way to attract the attention of women drivers and professional motoring businesses who'd like to know each other better in future!