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Handmade Mud kitchens for children

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47 Watson Rd Blackpool FY4 2DB

About Mud Kitchens R Fun

After 20 years in automotive management where I been involved in setting a World Record, won several national awards including one for no.1 in customer satisfaction for the dealer network, I decided it was time for a change.

Being late to fatherhood has its benefits and in my case it gave way to coming up with Mud Kitchens R Fun.  Having built one for my kids it was great to see how much they loved playing and creating on it and that got me thinking...

Well it didn't take long to realise there was a great opportunity and after design my own kitchen and then building my prototype I took the plunge and sent it for testing under the Toy Safety Regulation.  

It was an anxious week but the great news came back it was approved and I could then go to the open market and put the CE mark on it.

I hope to expand as the business grows with other models and additional accessories building a brand and business along the way and hopefully, all the children who have one will gain some real benefits too.