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About Think Cre8tive Group CIC

Think Cre8tive Group is a non-profit organisation which offers the very best in creative projects and training for those working in educational and healthcare settings . We are a group of three women practitioners with over 50 years of experience in healthcare, education, music, movement, drama, dance and art.

We believe that the arts are at the heart of life and are fundamental to our mental and physical health. Our aims are to ensure everyone has access to the arts and in particular music, regardless of where they are in their life. We use music as an intervention to improve quality of life.

We deliver a range of projects across the country by working with education and health professionals and can offer practical solutions for a range of settings.

Projects to date are: Sing It Out! Recycled Teenagers - Care home singing intervention sessions; Sing It Out! Everyone Aloud - Intergenerational music sessions; Sing It Out! Mama - prevention of PND in mums with young babies and work with men in Recovery (drug and alcohol addiction). We produce songbooks, CDs, music downloads and streaming and everything is available on our FREE App

In 2019 we were awarded Community Initiative of the Year by Efficiency North for our work with mums and babies (Sing It Out! Mama) to prevent PND. 

If you have a project in mind then get in touch to see if we can work together to improve lives.

Clinical Music Intervention - *Engage * Empower * Endure