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Real Flowers Preserved in 3D Using No Chemicals or Machines


Rochdale, Lancashire

About Pharaohs Phlowers

In 2020 Pharaohs Phlowers was started to preserve and prolong the wonder and beauty of flowers. After research I settled on our present process which includes a natural silica sand, time and patience similar to the conditions that preserved flowers in King Tutankhamen's tomb for over 4000 years.

Our small home based craft business located on the edge of Pennines where the beauty of flowers are hand preserved 100% naturally using no preservatives such as Glycerine -which contains Palm Oil.

Manchester has long been associated with the ‘worker bee’ but as long ago as 3500BC the Ancient Egyptians also used the bee as a symbol of the King of Egypt. Bees were always associated with royalty and without them there would be no flowers and we treat our flowers as though they are royalty.

We preserve individual flowers for use in resin art and other uses. We also make our preserved flowers into stunning gifts including Glass Domes, Box Frames sometimes using our original artworks.

Our Brand is developing and we are closely linked to the Ancient Egyptian love and adoration of flowers.  In 2020 I completed a Diploma in Hieroglyphics which we aim to include into our brand. We can translate personalized messages for any of our frames and place in vinyl on any of our products.

We are constantly experimenting with preserving both flowers, foliage and whole plants and welcome inquiries from customers and businesses for new ways to display dried flowers. Commissions are welcome.