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About Infinite Tech Consulting

Infinite Tech Consulting is a family business run by Athina. With over 9 years' experience working in the IT industry. You will usually find her in a swimming pool or at an Airshow.

We offer a range of services for both consumers and businesses. This includes computer repair, technical support packages and a range of software subscriptions.

When assessing a computer for repair a free assessment is carried out before any work is carried out. We then provide a quote broken down into parts and labour. This must be agreed on before any work is started. Both remote and physical IT support is offered to customers as it is not always necessary to collect the computer for repair. Where parts are needed original manufacture, parts are used. We fix Computers, Laptops, MacBook's and iMacs, Games consoles including Xboxes and PS4's.

What can we fix?

We can fix any equipment as long as it is outside of manufacturer's warranty and does not currently have a tech support policy from the likes of Currys, Carphone Warehouse, Apple or John Lewis applied to it. This is because any work carried out to a computer outside of warranty or tech support policy will invalidate these and should you claim against them in the future the technicians can see that the technology has been opened before and they will refuse to fix it.

For customers who want to know support is therefore them when they need it the most, we offer our own Tech Support packages. There are three tiers of packages for both personal tech and business tech. From just remote support through to including hands on support when needed. Those on our Tech Support Packages can contact us through our online portal or via phone for help when required. This applies for both personal and business customers.

At Infinite Tech Consulting no two clients are the same and we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service.