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Green, Low Cost, Online Office Supplies

About Derby Bridge Stationery Ltd.

We are a UK only, online office supplies business.

We spend less running the business, so we charge less for product.  We are lean.  The big, bloated, contract stationers you know and loathe aren’t.  Simple.  We are, in practice, at least 12.5% cheaper than other suppliers and, historically, up to 23% cheaper on a mixed basket of goods.

We will plant a tree for every £500 you spend.  That translates, effectively, into a carbon credit written down in the name of your business, i.e., one tonne of carbon taken out of the atmosphere this year because you bought from us.  When we have issued 50,000 carbon offsets, our woodlands will be big enough to invite key clients (and anyone else we like!)  to the woodland “they” bought.