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Removable eyewear charms for childrens spectacles

About Blinx

Blinx are a new range of soft silicone charms that allow children to customise existing spectacle frames by simply sliding the charms on and off the arms of their glasses. They can be worn individually, as matching pairs, or mixed together to create a unique and colourful look. The charms can also be easily adapted to fit adult frames and sunglasses.

Retailing at just £1.99, the charms provide a cost effective way of allowing children to mix and match their look, as well as providing a useful tool to encourage children who may be reluctant to wear their glasses. “The idea was to create something cool and collectable that would help children regain some control over a situation they may not feel entirely positive about.”, explains Stephanie Collier, creator of Blinx.

The charms are stocked in a number of optical practices nationwide and can also be purchased directly online at