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Craigholm, Ladywalk,Anstruther,KY10 3EX

About Jo Macfarlane

Hi Everyone, I am delighted to be 'Queen of Opulent Scents' and grateful to be here. 

I'd be delighted if i can help you scent your wedding, luxury hotel or event. Did you know scenting an event is now just as important as music and lighting? 

Because the sense of smell is the only sense that travels through the limbic part of the brain (don't worry i'm not going to get all technical on you) it's the one that can immediately take you back to the time you experienced it.

So what can that do for you? Imagine a scent created for your special day,event or hotel every time in the future you smell the beautiful scent it will take you straight back to your wonderful memories. Essentially i am creating new memories for you. 

I also run candle making workshops to give people new skills, and stunning candles to take home with them. Through the workshops i donate to Sreepur Village, a wonderful charity in Bangladesh to help destitute women and children. 

Come over and say 'hi' on Facebook or your favoured social media platform. Look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day! 

Jo x