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Manufacture and sell pamper products. From bath bombs to carpet fresheners, from wax melts to toilet bombs we have a wide variety.


126 Oxford Street

About Divine Box Ltd

I started my own business about 6 years ago selling clothes, it took off but I wanted something that I was more passionate about. That’s when I thought that I can talk about subscription boxes, bath and pamper products. 

Divine Box has gone from strength to strength and we truly believe in the quality of our products. Its mainly the products that are popular but also the interaction and genuine interest that we both have with our customers and also the people that have never brought from us but interact with us about our beloved Divine Box. My passion is to make this name a big one and the future plans are that we become a global name.

I just want to thank everybody for believing in and loving Divine Box as much as we do, for my family and friends for their huge support in buying products, promoting us, helping in any way they can and also myself for not giving up and for working hard. I think if I had not worked so hard in my career in care I would not of learnt that hard work gets you places. Always support small businesses as I know just how important it is and how appreciated it truly is too.

The point of this story sharing is to hopefully inspire you to go for your dreams in life, whatever they may be, believe in yourself, work hard but most importantly never give up.