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Hand painted pebbles and stones for all occasions. From birthdays to memorials.



About Pebbles 4 Thought

Hello all, I create and design pebbles and stones to suit all occasions. I have started making my own stones using concrete poured into different shape moulds. So each stone are custom made. I do any thing from birthday keepsakes, anniversaries, magnets to memorials.

The stones for outside has 3 coats of exterior varnish on, so they are weather proof, recommeneded every couple of years to put a layer of varnish on to stop the fading of the colours.
I have a great little summer house in my back garden which I use for my workshop. It my sanctuary, surrounded my plants and flowers, my inspiration. I love it.

Each indoor pebble is unique, handpainted and decorated with acrylic colours, sealed with several layers of satin clear varnish, for that extra shine and protection. They come in a lovely gift box ideal for giving.

Your own personal wording and thoughts can be incorporated into the design. Perfect to give as a gift to someone special, to enhance a mantelpiece, table or office desk, or as a memorial to a relative or friend, even a pet.
' A memory to last forever'.