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Embroi-Designs is an award winning business specialising in Unique gifts for all ages & occasions. All items are designed and personalised with love & care, giving you a gift which will be treasured forever & keepsakes to capture your special memories.

About Embroi-Designs

Embroi-Designs is an award winning business founded in 2014 by a mother of 2 small children Michelle. The idea came just after I had my second child. I was getting worried about childcare and how we were going to be able to afford for me to go back to work especially if I was only going to be working part time or even full time. Sometimes working and having to pay childcare, you may end up working just to pay your childcare which would be no benefit to us.

We also sat thinking about what happens if the children are ill and all the half terms and summer holidays the children have, who are we going to be able to rely on to help us and the point is we had no one but us. I have always loved designing bits for my 2 children and love everything personalised.

I have worked all my life and having my children is the best thing I have ever done, I love being a mummy but I thought whilst I am at home looking after our children, why not try and do something so I could work from home and be able to look after our children so we didn't have to rely on anyone. So I bought my first embroidery machine and started designing bits for them and posting bits on my facebook, so it all started as a hobby.

I was then having friends and family asking me to do bits for them and they were saying to me you should start this up as a business. So we thought and thought about it for many many months and in 2014 Embroi-Designs opened. I am now working from home being able to still look after my children with no worries of having to rely on people looking after them.