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About Teddo Play

Teddö Play is a British brand and the home of high-quality play-based educational learning cards sets for children. We love to help children become naturally enthusiastic about learning through our play-based learning methods. Our carefully thought-out learning sets encourage children to gain a life-long interest in acquiring knowledge for their all-round development, all whilst they play and have fun!

Keisha & Amit, the wife & husband team behind Teddö Play® create many varieties of premium play-based educational learning cards sets to suit children of all ages, needs, abilities and passions. They are both very passionate about all things learning and education in a playful environment that gives children the time and space to absorb new information all while having a great time, making them naturally wanting to learn.

All of Teddo Play‘s theme-based learning sets are made in the UK from start to finish. They contain numerous super sturdy visual learning cards featuring real-life high-definition imagery, facts and information to support children in their cognitive development, help strengthen observational skills in them, make them better and confident communicators and more broadly, contribute significantly to children’s overall intellectual development.