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28 Brooks Lane, Bosham, West Sussex, PO18 8LA

About Pollyanna Hale

Fitness Entrepeneur, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Advisor, Model, Actress, Mummy. 

I am a stay-at home Mum to two young girls; Aurora is in Primary School, and Bella stays at home with me. My first love is Motherhood and I never intended to put my children into childcare, though I don’t reprimand women who do so out of choice or necessity; we all have do what is right for us.

However as anyone who knows me will confirm, I am not very good at sitting still and doing nothing. Before kids (whilst working) I would paint, write poetry and brainstorm business plans for future ventures. In addition, any previous employer will vouch that I am not very good at being told what to do – I like to do the telling! A manager in the making, had I stayed in employment I would have endeavoured to move up the ladder until I was rewarded with the creative and business control to move the company forward.

As much as I’ve always been a self-motivated busy-body, never did I imagine I could ever take on so much. However, the proof is in the pudding – when you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything.

Wife, Mother, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur – I like to think I can do it all, and I don’t think I’ll be slowing down just yet! Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding any of my work, or if you have an idea you think I might be interested in.

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