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My Perfect Pop-Up Shop is a showcase for global pop-up, and a we aim to inspire and inform a new generation of pop-up entrepreneurs!

About My Perfect Pop-Up Shop

Whether you’re a new brand looking to pop-up for the first time, an established business utilising pop-up in your marketing campaign, or a local authority wondering if pop-up might fit into your town centre plans, this is the place for you!

We bring to you the the biggest and best pop-up shop inspiration and information from across the globe via My Perfect Pop-Up Shop TV. We welcome video submissions from anywhere in the world - as long as you have popped up we want to know about it, and we want to show off all your hard work on My Perfect Pop-Up Shop TV. Everyone's perfect pop-up is different so tell us about your perfect - are you running a community shop-share in Japan? A market stall in the Seychelles? A gallery in LA?

Our experienced #popupsquad will be giving advice and reviews along the way, tips to make your pop-up a success, and pitfalls to avoid. We're totally independent and tell it like it is!

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