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Luxury scented candles and diffusers

34 High Street, Aldridge,Walsall.WS9 8LZ.

About Serendipity Scents Limited

Launched in 2015, I hand pour luxury scented candles, diffusers, tea lights and wax melts for that special place in your home


My Story

Having spent the past 21 years nurturing my three children, the time now feels right to spread my wings and indulge in my love of all things beautiful. After many months researching and developing my creations, I am delighted to present a selection of my finest quality candles and reed diffusers that I hope you will enjoy and that I am proud to call my own.

My Mission

To create elegant products at affordable prices that will not only look aesthetically pleasing but will deliver a wonderful aroma wherever they are placed. With various fragrances reminiscent of the home, garden and happy memories of holidays gone by, I have chosen a range of scents and packaging that will not only be ideal for gifts but for your own pleasure too.

My Products

Using a blend of paraffin and vegetable wax together with the maximum percentage of fragrance recommended, the candles are hand poured to produce both a beautiful hot and cold scent throw. The stainless steel lid provided with the glass candle is for several purposes. It may be placed under the glass container when lit in order to protect the surface from heat produced. When you wish to extinguish the flame simply replace the lid over the candle, but do remember to trim the wick before you begin the next burn. The lid when used will also stop any dust gathering on the candle and will hold in the scent for longer. The burn time for glass candles is approx. 45 hours and tin candles 30-35hours.

The 125ml reed diffusers are provided with 6 reeds in a choice of three colours. They are designed specifically so they do not require turning but can if preferred. I have made a conscious decision to add 20% fragrance oil to prevent the reeds clogging at higher concentration levels, but more than the recommended lower dosage to omit a stronger but not overpowering scent.
The lifetime of the reed diffusers is approximately 16 weeks.

The tealights also consist of paraffin and vegetable wax with the same percentage of fragrance as the candles. It is important that the tealights are placed in a candleholder to protect all surfaces.
The burn time for each tealight is approx. 4-6 hours.

The wax melts are supplied in fragranced chunks of six with the same percentage provided as with both candles and tealights. They are simply broken apart and placed on top of a wax warmer with an unscented tealight in the base. These can be reused time and time again until the scent throw is no longer strong enough, then just clean the warmer and replace with a new melt or two.

As with both candles and reed diffusers there are many aspects of a home that can vary the life of either the candle or the diffuser i.e. draughty areas, sunlight, not trimming the wick as instructed (please see candle safety section on my website for further advice)