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I'm Joyce and I'm Pink Spot Crafts. I take your precious memories and turn them into unique gifts to make your important moments last forever!

About Pink Spot Crafts

Hi, I'm Joyce, and I'm a big memory maker.  I used to live in the hustle and bustle of a busy town.  After having my son, we decided to pack up and move to the beach.  I now have 2 kids and we love it here on the Kent coast.  I was a photographer, but now I have turned to crafting.  I've always loved making things, and since having children, all I seemed to do was find different ways to display our memories.  I took that leap to start my own business and here I am with Pink Spot Crafts.  I'm very lucky as I get to work from home.  I love being at home with the kids as they love crafting too, or more like making a big mess for me to clean up! 


I use a lot of glitter in some of my makes, so as you can imagine, my house literally sparkles! Glitter gets everywhere!  I love it, my husband, not so much!


So why am I called Pink Spot Crafts? Well, my logo is literally a pink spot.  It's plain and simple, eye catching and recognisable! 


With my kids being the heart of my work, my aim is to 'turn precious moments into everlasting memories', by designing personalised, personal and unique keepsakes.   My product list is forever growing as I am constantly designing and trying out new ideas to keep those smiles on your faces and your precious memories alive!


Pink Spot Crafts