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We provide exciting phonics and maths classes for under 5s.

About Intellitots

Our classes are designed by an experienced primary school teacher to encourage a love of learning in children aged 18 months - 5 years.

Our 45 minute classes include a range of drama, music, movement and games all of which are designed to develop phonics and mathematics skills. Each class takes the children on an exciting adventure inspiring them to use their imagination, enhancing their creativity and establishing a love of learning. One week the children may find themselves in a mysterious, dark jungle while the next week they may be chefs in a busy restaurant!  

Every week the children learn a new phonics sound and are given opportunities to explore the formation of the letter, developing their fine and gross motor skills. One mathematical skill is targeted each week through a range of interactive activities, ensuring that all children are engaged and challenged. Children are given regular opportunities to work in teams to develop  their speech, confidence, language and social skills; which are key skills required for nursery and primary school. 

We pride ourselves on working closely with the adults in the classes, helping them to identify their children's next steps and providing them with exciting and practical play ideas to try at home.