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Makers of Natura self-care products and handmade gifts.


16 B Chemin de la Brière, 76930 Octeville Sur Me, France

About Crafty Bijoux

Hello I'm Nichola, owner and founder of Crafty Bijoux and proud winner of Queen of Aromatherapy Blends.

Crafty Bijoux started back in 2012 after having 2 daughters who I wanted to spend more time with, something I wasn't able to do as a research Chemist. My debut product was a Spiral Ring Snuggie, which is a spiral piece of tubing that wraps around rings that are too big or loose.  I am in fact the original designer and manufacturer and in my prime I was making +150 k snuggies by hand per year for the likes of jewellery stores all around the UK, fashion shows and individuals all over the world..  My unique selling point was and still is that the tubing I use is hypoallergenic, phthalate free and comes in various sizes and thicknesses. Sadly I was copied and now you can see plenty of cheap versions on the internet, which aren't made to the same high standard as mine are. You can still buy the original ones from me though in my etsy shop.

So onto pastures new, quite literally in the form of using completely natural oils to make a range of self-care products that are not only beneficial for our skin and bodies, but have a lower impact on the environment.  In a world where we are quite literally suffocating in a cloud of chemicals, I want to empty your bathroom cupboards and fill them full of Mother Earth's goodness.  As a society we have been lied to and led to believe we need 5 different types of face creams, eye creams, soaps, shower gels, shampoos etc, but we don't.  Just a few key elements are all we need and nature can provide us with them all.

Herbs, plants and nature have been a huge part of my life ever since I was a little girl and since having a daughter with multiple allergies I decided that I needed to pursue this passion for a greater purpose.  I've made creams and lotions from the moment her skin would break out with eczema and for the last 3 years her previous skin conditions are a thing of the past.  My next project is to market the cream I've been using for the last 6 years for my daughter.  There is a saying in our house that whether you have an insect bite, a cut, scrape, graze or any other skin condition "go and put some cream on it".  It really is a miracle cream that can be used on anything.  It disinfects, cleans and heals any wound and it's something I can't keep to myself any longer.  So watch this space!!!

As for my aromatherapy blends I'm over the moon at how well they have been received by customers.  I've used essential oils for many years and I know the benefits they bring to my life and my wish is to bring those same benefits and balance to your life too.  As well as using essential oils, crafting has brought me balance in my life. I often find myself with a chaotic mind and being able to craft something helps to calm the chaos and more often than not, new ideas appear, which is why alongside my natural self-care products I have handmade gifts inspired by the Tree of Life logo of my Natura range.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a little bit about my history and if you want to chat to me more then please come and find me on twitter where I'm most active.