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The Kennels, Pitcaple

About Hedge Buddies

Hedge Buddies is all about being a good friend or buddy to the visitors we get to our gardens.

I make up my own mixes from the best of what birds enjoy from the available straights in the marketplace. I don;t use any of the grains and pulses that only attract the pigeons and larger birds.

You will get lots of different birds to your garden using the Hedge Buddies own Mixes.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging
With emphasis on reducing plastic waste, I searched the market until I managed to source the most environmentally friendly option for bags which can also go into a retailer, while still having the strength to hold the weight of product. You can put the bags into your home composting, garden waste bin or into your regular bin. It will take longer to compost at home, but will take approx 12 weeks in a landfill site. It is certified to the European (EN13432) for Industrially compostable packaging.