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Glamsticks take dull out of disability & add a sparkle that matches each individual's personality


Adlington, Chorley

About Glamsticks

Back in 2010, following an operation that left me disabled, I was medically retired and told that due to the type of disability and illness I have I wouldn't work again.

This hit me hard, however I am not the type to sit and accept I can't do things after being active my whole life and after a while I was told about a lady that was bespoking mobility aids but it was only a small business for friends really and she became too ill to carry on, so I bought the business.

Glamsticks won Mobility product of the year in 2011 and was already voted top ten best mobility product of the same year, but since taking over in 2011 glamsticks has grown to a world wide business with a celebrity clientel also. So far in 2016 as well as Glamsticks being crowned #Queenof Mobility Aids, we have won the Jacqueline Gold #Wow award, BrightPig #BusinessOfTheWeek award #MumsInBiz award.

Glamsticks takes dull and boring but essential mobility aids and with some love and care produces a stunning designer product that takes dull out of disability and adds a sparkle that matches each individual's personality.

Glamsticks is happy to also sponsor Katie Knowles, Gemma Flanagan both models also Mari Ackhurst who is a Para rider and is on track for the paraolympic team and Michelle Dobson who is a real inspiration and is also my part time PA :-)