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Crafting individual Cuties and spreading the love

About Made By SteffieB

Hi and welcome to my little nest!


It's full of Cuties which I am hoping you will love... I know I do...!

All these gorgeous creatures have come together to try help me raise money to have IVF and make my dream come true.  #savingupforIVF

Every single cutie is made by me and they are all different, they all have their own names and stories.

If you like what you see and you would like to support me, please tell your friends to visit my website and help me spread the word by sharing it by email, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Remember to register with us for updates of our journey plus lots of fun and games :) and if you have a Cutie, please Tweet her or post her on Facebook! 

If you see something you love but you would like it in a different colour or you have totally new idea, write to me.

Enjoy my Cuties, they're filled with love! 

Steffie x