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Woodside Cottage, Manor Road

About nancyandnell

Candle making started, like for so many, as a hobby for me and was borne primarily out of a desire to find fragrance scents which I loved and candles that always burned properly!

The more candles I made for myself, the more friends and family were asking me to make them for themselves and as gifts. Eventually, someone uttered the words......”You should sell these!” and here I am.

I embarked on the lengthy process of testing the different fragrances, waxes, wicks and containers, until I came up with what I believe to be a beautiful finished product.

The candles are finished with a luxurious creamy blended soy wax, as I don’t believe in colouring the wax. Most importantly, they will burn safely (as long as the instructions are followed!) for 35-40 hours.

Everything is handmade and tested by me, from the pouring of every candle, to the making and decorating of each label. The candles are made in small batches to ensure consistent quality in every single candle that is poured.

Once the decision to make and sell my candles was made, I realised I needed a name for my brand. I wanted the name to be personal so I decided to use Nancy, my grandmother and her sister Nell, my great aunt. Both ladies would have delighted in my new endeavour and supported it fully and it seemed a fitting tribute to include them in my journey.