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Helping people who are less than comfortable in front of the camera.

About Penny Morgan Photography

Having spent over a decade as dance and movement choreographer with a drama group and my work as a graphic designer, find this has brought a unique approach to my work as a photographer. During my college training for graphics back in the 1990's, it included a photography module, which I loved, having to borrow an SLR to complete the projects. Role on a few years, I completed further training with the Norwich School of photography and have been a professional for seven years. 

Living in the heart of Suffolk, thought I would head into the world of stock photography, but circumstances showed me I could offer a lot more help to people who dislike being in front of the camera. So I developed my 'Love Your Image' program to help people not just during a photoshoot with me, but to permanently help them to change the way they feel and liberate their confidence in front of the camera.

We all have personal lives and business lives, so to niche working with people, understand what it takes to get the best from them so they like what they see in their photographs. Along the way, this has included photography all the way through someones life, newborn to elderly! 

After owning my own horse (many years ago) Equestrian photography is another area that I've specialised in, as have a love and understanding of the horse world too.