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About Shop Local Club Card

Reviving the High Street one loyal customer at a time.....

#ShopLocal Club Card is a digital loyalty and rewards platform….it’s the ‘Tesco Club Card’ for small, Local businesses.

Lawyers to window cleaners and businesses in between use some form of loyalty scheme to attract, reward and retain customers but, let me ask you this: how many paper based loyalty cards do you have in your wallet?  And, how often do you have the right one with you when you need it?

Shop Local Club Card solves this problem… we’ve taken the good old fashioned loyalty system and made it smarter… our innovative system is flexible and easy to use and, is the only loyalty & rewards system that uses EITHER a single card or our FREE mobile app at ALL participating businesses.....join once, save everywhere!

This means that Shop Local Club Card is inclusive so, even those that don’t have a smartphone or aren’t tech savvy won’t miss out.  We've even included a 'check-in' feature which allows you to collect your stamps and points when telephone ordering a take away.  While the multi-operator function helps ease the stress at busier times in restaurants.

Using our system, businesses can offer unique rewards like stamps, points or vouchers, tailored to the personality of each business.

We are subscription based and charge businesses £35 per month to use the system paid by standing order or by online subscription. 

Sign up takes just thee simple steps and can be done via online registration or a telephone call.

In the last 12 months, with over 80 businesses listed and more than 8u000 members registered, globally, we have maintained 100% uptime.