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Unique hand stitched soutache jewellery and accessories


19, Churchway, Blunsdon, SN26 7DG

About MollyG Designs

It is always an honor to be asked to create something special for a customer whether it's a simple bracelet or a statement wedding piece. My earliest memories of being creative are as a little girl playing with paper dolls and drawing outfits and accessories for them. The paper clothes had tabs on that folded behind the doll to keep them on. I would happily spend hours drawing, colouring and cutting out my designs. My family tree is full of creative women who earn't 'pin' money, worked on beautiful gowns or were tailoress's and I first learnt to sew from my mother who also showed me how to knit and crochet.

This enjoyment in being creative continues now. Over the years I have spent time sewing in many different ways. From making items for the house and clothes for myself and others, including my family and friends. I discovered a love of embroidery starting with cross stitch which led to a Level 3 Certificate in Design and Craft. This amazing course opened my eyes to so many possibilities it was actually then quite difficult to decide which direction to take.

Then.....I saw a picture of soutache jewellery and I was hooked. The colours, the beads, the curls and waves all adding different dimensions to jewellery and more. It was yet another technique but one that has stretched my imagination and skills and proved to be my favourite. I love to design and create beautiful pieces to wear or to use in the home.