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A well-known spicy core component of the cuisine of the South Caucasus, now authentically made in the UK, Kortava’s Ajika Abkhazian, aims to revolutionise the UK spice market. Discover the magic right here!

Why is Ajika so special…

Ajika is a well-known blend of chillies and fragrant herbs and spices with traditional varieties originating from regions of the South Caucasus such as Abkhazia, but until now, no authentic variety has been widely available in the UK. With its unique heritage, ultra-savoury flavour bursts, tantalising aroma and wide range of applications, these wonderful chilli and herb pastes bring something truly different to the world of spices.

Lovingly made, based on a generation-old family recipe, using only the best quality natural ingredients, our products can be enjoyed as a meat or chicken rub, a  marinade for fish, blended with natural yoghurt, hummus or soured cream, as a base ingredient for curries, soups and pasta sauces, or even as a salad dressing if loosened with oil or water. Their wealth of applications makes our  range extremely versatile in every sense of the word, and their superb taste and manageable heat, will just leave you wanting more.