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About NanasWitchCraft

Brightest Blessings...Hello I'm Kez from Nana's Witch Craft.

A witchy lifestyle dedicated to unique and awesome Witchy Decor, Wares and Apparel handmade giving a different style to you and your home with a touch of Magic by me! Yes I'm a Nana and a Witch, discovering a new chapter in my life, sending love and light to all who visit.

Crazy as it sounds, I found I felt lost during my life and needed a new journey in my life which I already knew was out there. After a connection with the Otherworld, upon meeting my Goddess I just knew this meeting had filled my life to the point I'm finally home. Creating my own magic and designing for others, seeing smiles and love on people's faces truly melts my heart. Isn't that what lifes about? Do no harm! Well it is for me.

I was always different to some of my friends, I knew I did fit into another world, but...what world? It took me years however, to find that passion and my niche. Now I know, happily crafting new designs, challenging myself and bringing out the artistry from within myself. Discovering a new life, new beginnings, believing in myself with a change of mindset and focus on what I am passionate about within my life and family.

Just be YOU!