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Great Little Baking Company is an online marketplace for talented bakers & food artisans to promote & sell produce to customers with great taste.

About Great Little Baking Company

The Great Little Baking Company is an online marketplace selling produce skilfully produced by cake makers, bakes, and artisan food producers to customers with great taste.

We provide a number of great features both for food producers and for customers.

Food producers can create their own selling space on our fabulous website, complete with  ogo and profile pictures, as well as showcasing direct links to their social media sites.

They can also feature a written article that tells a little about the story behind their business and the uniqueness of their produce.
Seasonality is not an issue - food producers can tailor their inventory easily on our site and place limits on the number of products available at any one time.
While customers can search for produce by price, type, star ratings as well as by locality, which we know makes our website really great to use.
With more than 20 years experience of working in the media, we also offer our member businesses the added benefit of our PR and social media marketing expertise.
More information is available at