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Holiday accommodtion in bungalows, sleeping 5 guests Award winning graded accommodation

About Ingoldmells-Holidays

This is a challenge for me!

I'm a woman of maturing years. I have been in the tourism industry as an active business woman providing  holiday accommodation for 20 years, my extended family all work in hospitality, I really enjoy providing holidays.

In 2014 I decided to go it alone and purchased a bungalow to rent for holidays. In 2015 another bungalow can up for sale close to my first property so I bought that one too. There are so many tasks to cover as sole trader, I felt nervous, going it alone but confident that I could provide a relaxing space for guests, with high standards on furnishings and fittings. I enjoy what I do, but there is always some more to learn, something to improve upon. I dont need to make millions. As long as its enough Ill be happy. I enjoy knowing that my guests had a good time and that they will come back. Just now I'm looking about for my next bungalow, a 3rd one would mean big changes to my work pattern so it will have to be the right one.

Outside of  my holiday business, I am an invigilator at the regional college during exams. I like the interaction with students brief as it is. For fun I love walking I keep to the Lincolnshire Wolds, it's enough for me. Right now I creating a few walks for my guests to enjoy which take them into the countryside while on the coast. Not all guests will want to walk away from the sea front, but if just one guest enjoys a walk it was a good idea.