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I'm a self taught artist, with a love for 'Quirky-ness' campers and 'Oh so cute houses

About Angela Marie Designs

Hi, I'm Angela (Angie to my friends).

As a child I was always drawing, and had a huge passion for Disney films. Watching the old drawings come to life encouraged me to be creative, drawing cartoon characters and creating imaginary worlds, out of clothes horses and umbrellas, in my Grandparents back garden.

Following in the footsteps of my Gran as a self-taught artist, my work is mainly inspired by my love for Lowry’s paintings. I'm passionate about drawing, and painting ‘Oh so cute Houses’, from beehives and chicken coops to hot air balloons and campers, the list is endless,
I enjoy using watercolour, and acrylic paints, and love to create my own little worlds on paper, canvas, greeting cards, plaques, pots and, well, anything else that can be painted!