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About Sarah Dunwood Photography

I have been carrying a camera around with me since my teens, when I learned to use my Dad's Olympus OM10 SLR. Since then, I've developed my craft and a real passion for capturing people and places on camera.

I love a wedding! I consider it a real privilege to be a part of someone's wedding and being able to capture as much of the day as I possibly can. I know from personal experience that all of the preparations in the run up to the day can be stressful and, alongside the obvious excitement and joy of saying "I do" to the one you love, there is always a little anxiety about the day running smoothly. As aphotographer, I have a role to play in that, from ensuring that my clients are confident that I am well prepared for their day and that I know exactly what they want to be captured, to ensuring that I engage with family and guests, confidently and professionally to capture them at their best.

I try to be as unobtrusive as possible during the day in order to catch candid moments that reflect the events of the day. However, I am more than happy to accommodate formal group shots and posed shots as part of my service. I found that the photos that I was happiest with from my own wedding were those where we weren't 'posing' but were in the moment - I am not comfortable in front of the camera myself so I completely understand the nervousness that people may feel when the camera lens is pointed at them.

The wedding day goes by so quickly and the happy couple definitely do not get to see everything that goes on during the day. One of the best bits of being a wedding photographer is capturing those fleeting moments that they didn't see, so that they are able to enjoy the laughter and joy that everyone shared as their guests. I also encourage my couples to build in some time, even if it's only 20 minutes, to take a walk by themselves, away from the guests, to just savour the fact that they've just married the person who they love - I will capture posed shots or will keep my distance in order to take more informal, relaxed shots of them together.

With family and portrait photography sessions, I find that choosing a location where everyone is comfortable is the most important factor in getting the right images for clients. I am able to travel to client's home or other locations (indoor or outdoor) of their choice. I have portable lighting equipment that can be used if needed at no extra cost. I'm flexible with time and I prefer to spend some time having a chat and getting to know clients before I direct the camera at them.

I'm also experienced in shooting a range of different events, from music gigs in smaller venues to skateboarding/blading competitions in fast paced, high energy environments.