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I make Braided and Beaded Jewellery and Fascinators

About KC Braids & Beads

I have been a creative type, ever since I can remember. I was always into making things, I should have known I would end up being bead crazy when I was drawn to them in all shapes and forms, as a youngster. I remember one occasion when I had been on a school trip and proudly showed off my gemstone chips, when I got home.

I dabbled with jewellery making and made some lovely pieces as gifts for friends and family and it was a perfect way to relax when the children went to bed. My beads took a back seat when I trained and qualified as a Primary School Teacher. I loved my job, working with the children and never passed up an opportunity to be crafty, making Christmas Crafts and Easter Cards each year. I even set up a Craft supply box in the classroom.

So when my life took a complete U-tun, when I was dealt a very poor hand by fate, unfortunately, I had to leave my teaching career, I turned to my Jewellery Making to help keep me sane. I had gone from a busy schedule to nothing. I taught myself new skills and fell in love with a Japanese Braiding technique called Kumihimo. I began adding beads to the braids and before I knew it, my office had been taken over with packets of beads and gemstones.

Now i make all kinds of Jewellery, both Braided and Beaded and I make a range of Accessories, brooches, cuff links, hair slides, bookmarks, Christmas Decorations etc. I have further developed my use of beads and begun to make Fascinators too, adding beads and feathers where I can. My Fascinators and Jewellery have been worn to Weddings and been taken on Cruises and I love getting out and about to local Fairs and meeting people.