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Personalised cotton bags with reusable straws

About Ever So Pretty Designs

I have been doing personalised gifts for many years, it mainly started off the back of reuse, reduce and recycle of jewellery and it has grown from there.
With the ban of plastic straws (and other single use plastic) imminent, I wanted to help give an alternative to the current offering of paper and bio-degradable straws. My other company (Plastic Alternatives Ltd - B2B) supplies businesses, but I still wanted to offer a personalised option for retail. So the gorgeous named bags came to life which we are selling on our etsy shop (

I believe that ownership is key, and once you have these straws, they will end up part of your daily check of 'things' - i.e. keys, phone, wallet, straws!

It has been amazing to have been crowned Queen of Reusable Straws, and I believe that this is a small drop in the massive ocean we are all wanting to save.

Have an Ever so Pretty day