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Barnsley - South Yorkshire

About Derek Carpenter Sales and Marketing

Derek Carpenter is based in South Yorkshire, at the heart of the United Kingdom.
His background is specialist sales in Europe and he is a Chartered Marketer.
He is well known for developing leading brands from an “Idea” within the UK and European markets.
As Managing Director and Sales and Marketing Director, He led American owned Companies to unrivalled success in Europe, establishing specialist distribution in all key Countries.
His current support to business can be seen at:
He has wide Board experience and formerly served as a Governor at both Barnsley College, the UKs Outstanding achiever in Education and Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in support of his local community.
He was previously the Elected Vice President of His local Chamber of Commerce and served as a Board Director for Barnsley Development Agency to support the social and economic needs of local people.
He is an approved business coach and former Ambassador for SMEs on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Yorkshire and the North East.
Reflecting his Philosophy Derek says:
“Sales and Marketing often find themselves in “opposition” within Companies but they work best when adding both strengths within a business. Like most sales people I felt I was a “natural” Marketer. I was proved wrong but developing both skills made a huge difference to the outcomes of a business. Good listening skills and the ability to communicate effectively are at the heart of real success. Outward confidence is little use if we have poor Inner skills. All of us learn from each other and the best listeners, those who will try a new approach before rejecting it, are the ones who get the best success and enjoy what they do. I spend a lot of time encouraging people to “think” and adapt Ideas to their own personality. In the end things only happen for people if they are proactive as opposed to reactive. If at worst someone does not agree with an idea nothing is lost, since they will have reaffirmed why they have a belief in the alternative and it will renew their commitment. A transfer of knowledge is vital to any business for its future success and it often begins with an idea that springs from nothing. Knowledge is the best Investment because it produces the highest return for everyone”.