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I handmade my bespoke and custom made Cuddle Beds. They provide a sensory space in order to ‘nest’ and provide the whole family with a better nights sleep! Also prefect for kids sleepovers, camping and relaxation.

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Unit 1E - Spillmans Court - Middle Spillmans - Rodborough - Stroud - Gloucestershire - GL5 3RU

About The Cuddle Bed Company

I discovered a healthy alternative group online who shared ideas for items that you could make yourself at home and I was inspired by an idea to help my son sleep.

My eldest son’s sleep patterns were awful and he could be awake until nearly morning time, he had always been a self-soother and he needed sensory stimulation to help him relax. His bed was always full of toys, pillows and sensory items so I taught myself to sew and The Cuddle Bed Company was born. I made my son his first “Snugglebed” (I have rebranded since this time) and his sleep improved dramatically. Finally we were not a sleep deprived family and I also found a purpose and a focus in my life.