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Letter Catcher door bags have many benefits, maybe one can help you?

These were started out of necessity, with my Mum struggling to pick the post up from the floor. Many different designs were created, and many failed attempts were made, but now I have them down to a tee.

What do they do?
They catch your post for you, so no more bending down to pick post up from the floor. Great if you have back issues or you use a wheelchair.
If your door with your letter box is in your front room, they can add a bit of colour and interest to your room.
They can hide the post from a pet that likes to attack, hide or chew the mail.
They can help to stop a draught coming through your letter box flap.
They cover the letterbox so if you have a missing, unsightly or damaged flap, this solves it for you.
They can help to reduce the risk of someone looking through your letter box, or fishing for keys to gain access to your property or take your car keys.
No more build-up of post on the floor while you are away either, which if you have glass panels near your post box, is a clear indication that you are not home to a potential burglar.

With lots of fabric options, I'm sure you can find one for you. But if not, please just ask.