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Kick ass hand painting and screen printing services

About Wild Bunny Arts

Wild Bunny Arts offers bespoke customisation of shoes and apparel.  I hand paint shoes, jackets, or anything else that you'd like to make into a work of wearable art. 

Have you looked around and found it hard to get a one off, low run print onto a t-shirt or bag? On my hand built screen printing press I can eco print your design, or even work with you to make a new design.

Beloved children or pets, passed and living, a favourite photo, a whimsical,  design idea, I will work with you to your specifications, or, take the lead and use my creativity around a loosely themed commission.

Not limited to wearable art, or portable art, I can also paint onto mugs or canvasses, or indeed would be willing to consider any surface, upcycled or new.